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OSHA Council Membership

Membership Categories

  • Associate Member – Any one holding OSHA 30-hours and above can apply for associated membership.

  • Professional Member – Safety professionals with 5 years of experience or holding safety certificate or diploma level qualification are eligible to apply for professional membership. Please note the acceptance of membership in this category may be subject to verification of submitted experience.

    *Professional membership is a prerequisite for becoming an OSHA Council authorized trainer (AT)

  • Council Member – Safety professionals with track record in safety trainings and willing to enter into the noble cause of promoting and delivering safety awareness in any country/region are eligible to apply for council member.

    *Council membership is a prerequisite for becoming an OSHA Council Outreach Training Center (OTC)

What happens when you join us?

You'll join as an Associate member. This means that everyone has immediate access to all the benefits of associate membership. Moving to another category of membership depends on your experience, and professional qualifications. If you wish to apply for next level of membership, we'll review your qualifications and experience to find out which membership category is right for you. OSHA Council accepts accredited qualifications from recognized Institutions worldwide with the OSH contents in its syllabus. Members can choose from a broad range of courses at various universities and institutions across the globe to help them progress through our membership categories.

Changing membership category

If you've recently completed one of the qualifications we accredit, and think you may be able to change your category of membership, you may get in touch with us. If you have a qualification with Health and Safety content in it, send in a copy of your certificate along with the official module transcripts so we can assess it to see if you are eligible for a different membership level. When assessing your documents for a different membership category, we only look at qualifications as we do not accredit courses. As a guide, we're looking for health and safety qualifications.

We'll need to review

  • Copies of relevant health and safety qualification certificates you've recently been awarded
  • Your current CV, showing the health and safety experience you attained

Send us documents by

Email - scan the documents and attach them to an email for our Membership team info@oshacouncil.org

What happens next?

Our membership review panel audits all category changes every quarter prior to ratification and transfer. We require all category change requests and documents at least two weeks prior to each ratification date to enable this process to occur. We may also verify the authenticity of your certificates with the awarding body.

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